What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is a fitness program that uses constantly varied (always changing) functional movements (essential to everyday life or sport) applied at high intensity (relative to your fitness level). It is designed to increase your capacity (ability to do work) over many different time (from short to long duration) and modal (any physical task) domains.

CrossFit develops a broad and general fitness that prepares you for the unknown and unknowable because in life and sport, you rarely know what you are going to come up against.

designed to be universally scalable

The CrossFit program is designed to be universally scalable making it the perfect method for any committed individual, regardless of their current fitness level and experience. We use the same routines for the elderly trying to stay healthy and for cage fighters preparing for competition bouts. We scale the load and volume according to your needs. We do not change the program because we believe that the needs of elite athletes and grandparents differ by degree, not by kind.

an open source model

CrossFit is an open source model. Thousands of people worldwide are able to follow the workouts posted on our sites for free. People doing so are distinguishing themselves as having superior health and performance. Being an open source model also allows us to include new exercises and workouts, if they prove functional, to the system in order to improve it.

The Sport of Fitness

CrossFit is also ‘The Sport of Fitness” because it emphasises personal athletic achievement. We are dedicated to helping you become stronger, fitter and faster, and you can test this by participating in CrossFit events. CrossFit events are the ultimate test of fitness which will see you training for the unknown.

Why choose CrossFit?

It elicits results, period. CrossFit is empirically driven and results based. We are dedicated to improving your health and performance. The training is unconventional, the results are dramatic, and the atmosphere is one of support and camaraderie.