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12/11/2014 Wednesday

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Met Con

Open Preperation Week 2 WOD

For Reps
15 min AMRAP

Complete Double Unders every 3rd Minute.
Once double unders are completed complete as many rounds of 7 OHS and 7 Deadlift 50/38kg in the time remaining in that 3 minute cycle.
0-3 min 100x Double Unders
3-6 min 80x Double Unders
6-9 min 60x Double Unders
9-12 min 40x Double unders
12-15 min 20x Double Unders.

Total reps including Double Unders is your score.

2015 Open Preperation Program

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BST preparation program will be a four month program which will be structured 3 weeks on 1 week off.

There will be 2 workouts per week where athletes can compare there scores and expose weaknesses which need to be addressed before next year’s worldwide open.

Top 3 Athletes will be announced after each 3 weeks and small prizes will be awarded.

All welcome to compete and compare.


05/11/2014 Wednesday

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Pull-up -Kip/Butterfly

Met Con

Open Prep Workout Week 1, Wod 1.

Complete as far as possible in 10minutes

21 Snatches 43/30kg

9 Burpee over bars

21 Snatches 60/38kg

9 Burpee over bars

21 Snatches 70/47kg

9 Burpee over bars

21 Snatches 83/55kg


Scores to beat

72 reps-Kyle

69 reps-Hannes

68 reps-Shane


21/10/2013 Monday

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Ring dips



Special WOD inspired by two of our favourite ladies.


6 Clean and Jerks

50 Double unders

50 Sit ups

6 Clean and Jerks

40 Double unders

40 Sit ups

6 Clean and Jerks

30 Double unders

30 Sit ups

6 Clean and Jerks

30 Double unders

30 Sit ups

6 Clean and Jerks

20 Double unders

20 Sit ups

6 Clean and Jerks

10 Double unders

10 Sit ups

16/04/2013 Tuesday

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2013 BST CrossFit Class Photo day




KB Snatch

WOD (Buddy challenge)


100m OH lunge 20/10kg

30 Burpee to box jumps

80 KB swings

50 Toes to bars

Friday 21/09/2012

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The Challenge is really starting to heat up now with various clients already showing great physical and performance results.Will they be able to keep it up and who will step up to the challenge and take the prize money home.



25 Pull ups

50 Deadlifts 60/35kg

50 Push ups

50 Box jumps

50 Window wipers

50 DB Clean and jerks 10/5kg

25 Pull ups


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Its PB time 28/11/2011

This is your oppertunity to really get stuck into those BST Benchmark Exercises and WODs you rarely get time to improve.

You have to improve one exercise/WOD per Option. This will help you to identify those weaknesses that we all turn a blind eye to.

Option A

Deadlift, Bench Press, Back Sqaut

Option B

Clean and Jerk and Snatch

Option C

Linda, Grace and Fran

Option D

100 Burpees, 100 Double unders and 2km row


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Work out of the week

Complete in shortest possible time.

50 Turkish get ups per arm (12/8kg)

100 skin the cats

150 GHD sit ups

200 Box jumps

250 sit ups

3 x 1km row sprints (time cutt off 3:55/4:20min) if row is slower than cut off the row should be repeated.


3 , 2 , 1 GO !!