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Fight Gone Bad

January 2013 Fight Gone Bad scores

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January FGB Scores


January FGB scores
Justin 334
Dustin 305
Jenna 297
Erin 287
Matt 285
Shaun 279
Wynand 272
Paul 272
Ryan 270
Mike 262
Andrew 260
Nathan H 260
Rolo 260
Lindsey 253
Mani 253
Che 252
Jared 252
Carol 247
Nathan H 246
Eduann 245
Kegan 245
RW 244
Steph 242
Jonathan 232
Pierre 231
Garth F s 230
Kelly 230
Dylan 228
Shane 227
Charl 227
Lauren 226
Anische 225
Shorty 225
Leo 223
Rudi 217
Nataly 217
Alex 211
Karen C 210
Phillip s 209
Elrese 202
Venessa 202
Gavin 195
Karin 195
Ewan 195
Mark 194
Karin Elof 193
Arline 192
Alida 190
Tamlyn 188
Elly 186
Channah 184
Simon 184
Kyle b 182
Tyron 180
Thando 179
Jodi 166
Steve s 165
Neil 153
Jason s 141
Billy 140
Charlene 140
Judd 131
Adriaan 119
Charney 0,413


Christmas Eve WOD

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This is for al you die hard BST CrossFitters.


Fight gone bad

This means its a normal fight gone bad but instead of 3Rounds its 5Rounds.

Holiday WOD

Same structure as a Fight gone bad but with the following exercises:

Air sqauts
Sit ups
Push ups
10m sprints

From the entire BST family and staff we which all of you and your familys a merry christmas.

Monday 19/11/2012

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This Saturday BST will be hosting a little get together /work out/braai/get to know/Super Saturday /fund raiser for our Mo Fund.

Get all the info at the Gym.



Front squat



Fight Gone Bad

Lets get stuck in and show every-one how hard we have worked the last month.

Compete against yourself and then against others


Fight gone bad scores

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BST Newbies FGB scores

Well done to all the clients who has finished the BST introduction week and welcome to those who has chosen to stay with us.

Here are your fight gone bad scores you have worked so hard to get.

Mark 184

Alex 226

Carl 213

Adrian 107

Jonothan 200

Manuella 264

Alex 192

Andrew 208

Mark 234

Debbie 177

Channah 194

Karin 216

Chantelle 211

Candice 198

Rey 159

Zane 219

Fight Gone Bad 2012

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What a great day, loads of sweat and tears shed. Great effort by Jenna and Stafanie who just missed out on podium finishes. Awesome job by the king Han the beast with a amazing 303 score to put him in 3rd! Pow! Kyle also just missing out with a valiant effort everyone really keeping BST’s name high. Thank you so much for all your support, us trainers really appreciate it. The scorching heat and fearce competition would have been even harder without you. Next year BST will compete in great numbers so get ready for hard work and dedication. Time to join your coaches in the arena! BST 4 Life!

Wednesday 12/ 09/2012

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Big thank you to all our clients for the great support in helping us to grow BST to what it is today.

Just a few new rules to make sure all of you get the great attention you deserve.

We know that you want to share BST with all your friends and we support that fully.We are just changing our structure for the introduction sessions.This will allow us to better assist old and new clients.

The times for the intro sessions will be set now.

Firts sessions : Monday 19:00-20:00

Second sessions: Wednesday 19:00-20:00

Fight gone bad session: Friday 16:00-19:00

Now the WOD

Technique: Pull ups / Muscle ups /Clean

Challenge: 5min Max Burpees