BST CrossFit Programs

CrossFit Program

The BST CrossFit program is aimed at delivering the general public with the best balanced conditioning program possible. 

This program will be structured to incorporate all movements required to strengthen and enable a person to overcome any obstacle life might through us .

The program will consist of Traditional CrossFit movements and workouts combined with specific exercises that we have recognized as crucial over the 10 years of coaching clients at BST .

We target all energy systems with our workouts varying from 1 Repetition  lifts to 45min Aerobic condition days.

BST Gauntlet Program

The Gauntlet programs will be a real mental test for most a clients. The goal here is just to get each section of the gauntlet finished and perform it in the allocated time period or requirement set out in program.

 It is exactly what the name says, a Guantlet of functional movements an partitioned together in a variety of ways to test your limits.

This program is longer in duration and slightly lower in intensity as the BST CrossFit program.


  • High level of Aerobic conditioning
  • Med – high levels of Anaerobic conditioning
  • High levels of Core conditioning
  • Medium level of general physical preparedness
  • Low-Med levels of Explosive power
  • Low level of skill
  • Ideal for athletes of all sports

BST Olympic Weightlifting

This program will focus 100% on the technique and strength requirements for Olympic weightlifting.

The program will be goal orientated with a new skill or strength being targeted monthly .The program will also include various strength/power cycles during the year.

BST Olympic Weightlifting Program:

  • Strengthening and Technique for Clean and Jerk and Snatch
  • Technique on all supplementary weightlifting exercises
  • Improve Muscle strength
  • Total power output
  • Olympic weightlifting Technique 
  • Aerobic capacity
  • Anaerobic capacity

BST Gymnastics Program

The BST Gymnastics program will be designed specifically for Gymnastic requirements for CrossFit.

The program will be designed for both new and experienced clients.Clients will be assisted through the correct steps to guide them to perform the full gymnastic movement at the end

The focus will be placed on strengthening the correct movements/ muscles to perform gymnastics safely. 

More experienced clients will have the opportunity to work on movement efficiency .

BST Gymnastics program:

  • Increase CORE strength
  • Increase upperbody strength
  • Increase movement efficiency
  • Gender specific supplementary exercises
  • Step by step progressions
  • Increase ability to perform body weight movements

BST Beginner Program

This is specifically designed to get clients fitter and stronger to be able start with the CrossFit program.

This program will have a strong educational base ,clients will be thought all Olympic weightlifting , gymnastic and CrossFit specific movements.

In these classes clients will be shown the full benefits of CrossFit and why CrossFit is so different to normal Functional training programs out there.

Our beginner classes is very important to us so all the beginner classes will be coached by either Hannes du Toit (Owner) or Brandon Graham (Head Coach).

BST Beginner program will include:

  • Small controlled class size
  • All CrossFit fundamental movements 
  • Kettle bell movements
  • Weightlifting movements
  • Basic Gymnastics movements
  • Clients will experience all different programming options of CrossFit

BST Competitive Program

This program will be focused at developing clients for CrossFit competitions.

In this program we will share our 20 years of CrossFit experience in how to approach competitive CrossFit .

BST Competitive program will include:

  • Guidelines on pacing 
  • Movement efficiency tips 
  • Olympic weightlifting coaching
  • Gymnastics coaching
  • Movement standards confirmation
  • Pre and post workout assessment
  • Competitive workouts in competitive setting

I may not be the strongest, I may not be the fastest, but I'll be damned if I am not trying my hardest!


Crossfit is a way of life. You eat well, you train hard, you push yourself.
It teaches you so much about yourself.

Ben Smith