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2013 Open week preperation

By January 10, 2013Uncategorized

BST will be preparing for the CrossFit OPEN weeks from next week.

CrossFit Open week for Africa will start on the 7th March 2013

We will be introducing two new additions to our current training system.

1. Weightlifting sessions

BST will be introducing 10 weightlifting sessions each week .These sessions will be focusing on improving and mastering of the two Olympic weightlifting movements (Snatch and Clean and Jerk).

Sessions will be :

Mon-Fri 06:00-07:00

Mon-Fri 17:00-18:00

2. Individual weakness session

BST knows that each person differs and each of us has different weaknesses that is why we are introducing a session specific for those individual weaknesses. In these sessions you will have the BST coaches to assist you in working on those weaknesses that are holding you back.

Sessions will be:

Saturday 09:30- 10:30(Just after the Saturday session)