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Friday 28/09/2012

By September 28, 2012WOD


Saturday session will start at 08:00 .This session will consist of specialist technique training and a WOD.

Today is a day full of challenges.

Attempt these 3 challenges and let us know how you did.

  • Chuck Norris push up Madness

75 Close grip push ups

5 min Cut off


  • Death by Pull ups

On each min perform one additional pull up until pull ups can not be completed in the min.

Start with 1 and record last completed round


  • Tri……or Die…….

30 Tri cep dips

30 Push press 20/15kg

30 Tri cep dips

20 Push press 20/15kg

30 Tri cep dips

10 Push press 20/15kg

5 min cut off