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How to win the challenge and take home over R3000

By September 11, 2012Challenge

If you follow the following steps you will stand a great chance to win our challenge.

Step 1
Be brutally honest to yourself about your nutritional bad habits.If no hard desicions are made no significant change will happen.Follow the eating guidelines posted on www.bstcrossfit.com this Will lead to weightloss.

Step 2
Create a habit of training at regular times and do not mis those sessions.The challenge will not be won in the first week so do not burn out your body with additional sessions.

Step 3
Always push harder than you did yesterday.Get comfortable with being uncomfortable during your CrossFit sessions.This will lead to greated post exercise fat loss.

Step 4
Get a good night sleep in after each day.

Step 5
Inform your friends that you are changing your lifestyle.Those who do not approve of the change can not be seen as supportive people during your jeurney to a better future.

Good luck to all and remember BST staff will assist you in any manner possible.