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Thursday 23/08/2012

By August 23, 2012WOD

Announcement:All BST Clients

Due to the increase in numbers we will be starting the CrossFit classes on the hour from now .This will create more order and allow us to train and assist all of you all better.If you arrive early you are more than welcome to hang around ,chill and drink some coffee until your session starts.




Pull ups 12-12-12-12

Additional work for advanced athletes:

Strict weighted pull ups 4-4-4-4-4

For time

50 Box jumps

50 Push press 30/15kg

50 Wall balls

30 Box jumps

30 Push press 30/15kg

30 Wall balls

100m Over head plate lunges 20/10kg

100m Plate carry

20Min Cut off

2 X 400m sprints