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12 Ladies 12 Hours- Final Post

We at BST would like to thank all the CrossFit communities who supported our event, it was a great success and it would not have been possible without the wide range of Athletes ranging from our Sa buffalos to the young and up coming stars. We would also like to say thank you to all the Crossfit boxes who came together and sent many athletes our way. The level of Crossfit was fantastic and we definitely see a few of our SA CrossFitters competing on the world stage in the near future.


We would like to say a special thank you to the Vrede foundation for letting us be part of their great charity and giving us the privilege of supporting and helping our community.We are proud to announce that we managed to raise over R14 000 for the Vrede foundation which would not have been possible without the terrific support of all you athletes, spectators, friends and family. A massive 225 Ladies were performed on the day, well done everyone.


BST would like to give a huge hand to the “fantastic 5” namely Gian, Alpheus, Diane, Mark and William. They truly showed us the spirit and passion that is CrossFit. BST will always acknowledge their determination and supreme hard work. As all us CrossFittes know to do all 12 Ladies in Under 12 Hours is a massive task and a great achievement.


We would love to hear from you all please feel free to send us your highlights, thoughts and recommendations on how we can make it an even better event next year! Visit our Facebook page and write away.

12 Ladies 12Hours was not only a great charity event but also a great example of how CrossFit has grown in South Africa and how together we can put SA on the map.


From the whole BST family it was a true privilege hosting you all.