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Today’s recap due to public demand

By June 4, 2012Uncategorized

Today’s recap

Warm welcome to Bianca who completed her first introduction session today

Today was filled with various personal achievements and let downs. One thing is for sure a 2km row is not to be taken likely.

Here are the times for the day:

Viking of the day must go to Gavin with a first 2km Row of 7:30

Deon 7:48 pb

Estevan 8:05 pb

Willem 7:30

Erick 7:50

C.J 7:50

Diaan 8:31

Douglas 7:19 pb

Ashley 8:30

Rolo 7:44 pb

Jarryd 8:27 pb

Leandri 9:21

Kobus 6:55 pb

Lee 8:47 pb

Marnuss 7:38 pb

Lauren 9:37 pb

Carol 8:49 pb

Kevin 8:15

Nathan 8:43 pb

J.P 7:59

Maruis 8:57 pb

Hanneke 10:11 pb