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Kapp brothers going for domination

By June 1, 2012Uncategorized

BST Kapp Brothers

This surname will definitely be at the top of the African CrossFit ranking in the next few years. Deon the older of the two currently a student at the North West University has been doing CrossFit for the last 12months.Marnuss the little or shall I just say the younger brother is a grade 11 pupil at Monument High school and is still in he’s first 8months of serious CrossFit training.

These brothers have made a steady increase to the top of the Rankings at BST CrossFit and recently domination is motivating them. With a great supportive attitude and a unrivalled capacity for work the Kapp brothers are improving at a rate that we have not yet seen at BST CrossFit. Being true body weight specialists they both have a great fire and natural ability for Olympic lifting .

So next time you do a Fran and you thinking of resting after your 15 unbroken pull ups, ask yourself ,What would the Kapp brothers do …………….