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2012 Crossfit regionals over view

By May 23, 2012Uncategorized

2012 African Regionals was a great event for BST Crossfit with 4 new Athletes .

Branco, Ruan , Lorinda and Estevan represented BST for the first time at Regionals and made themselves and BST extremely proud.

Branco really showed his strength and power in the second workout when he blasted the 100kg hang Power clean and was truly inspirational on the pistol sqauts.Lorinda showed everybody that she should have been up there with the top contenders and we know she will be back in 2013 ,even stronger and faster. The surprise for most of the people on day one was young Ruan Conradie whom with a tender age of 17 and a body weight of 67kg fighted through the 100kg deadlift and in workout 2 almost Hang cleaned 100kg , which at the time was 25kg above hes previous max on that lift.Hannes du Toit the most experienced athlete of BST CrossFit managed to finish in 6th place over all,he improved with heaps and bounds from his 10th place finish in 2011.After all said young Estevan Strauss stole the show and the crowds hearts with here amazing performance during the Regionals and is truly the one to watch for the title next year.She finished in 3rd place and represented BST on the podium for the first time .

Now all I can say is watch out 2013 BST is still standing.